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Baubiologie Innenraumqualitat

Zahnmedizin Ernahrung

Umweltmedizin Labordiagnostik

Ernahrung Vitamine & Mineralien

Mensch Psychologie, Physiotherapie, Pharmazie Biologie

About us

SCENTE is a new non-profit organisation in Luxembourg with the aim of providing interdisciplinary but also scientific and practical information and raising awareness on the various topics related to health and environmental pollution. SCENTE is derived from the French word “SANTE” which means health. The letters EN as in “Environment” refer to the environment as a trigger for health problems. The two letters SC stand for “scientific “, as scientific accuracy is the aspiration of the new organization. Finally, “to scent” alludes to smelling – on one side because pollutants are often, but not always, associated with smell and on the other side because the nose or the respiratory tract is one of the most important uptake-pathways of environmental toxins.


Here you can find an overview of all our topics:

Environmental medicine

Indoor air quality

Biological dental medicine

Laboratory analysis