Statutes (extract)

Art. 1 : The name of the non-profit association is “SCENTE asbl”

Art. 2 : The corporate purpose of the asbl is to:

  • promote a comprehensive interdisciplinary scientific and technical approach to environmental health;
  • defend the interests of doctors, dentists, experts and laboratories working for the benefit of patients suffering from environmentally related diseases, building biologists and all actors involved in environmental health
  • ┬ápromote and create new standards or labels for environmental pollution, taking into account the precautionary principles and exposure minimization;
  • provide training and awareness to health and construction professionals as well as the general public;
  • develop recognition criteria and recognize training in order to guarantee a high level of quality of intervention in terms of investigation, of indoor environments.
  • conduct or participate in scientific or monitoring studies
  • carry out any other mission related to pollution or environmental health

To this end, the asbl may, in particular:

  • join working groups and meetings on indoor environment investigations and environmental health and medicine in Europe,
  • document indoor exposures and related health effects;
  • collaborate with other associations and institutions with similar purposes,
  • collaborate with professionals from the sectors concerned (health, architecture,…);
  • provide expert reports and assessments and take a position on the indoor environment and related health effects;
  • recognize practical experience in the field;
  • promote research on the indoor environment.